Toxic Dog Treats

I have been reading several technical journals on the toxic China treat issues and have found some possible causative relationships. I think the problem is their irradiation of the treats "after" they have been inspected & bagged. The FDA is finally looking into irradiation as a possible cause. Our pets have been dying since 2007. The FDA has issued a warning but because they can't find the cause, no recall yet.

For me the cause is clear. it's the gamma irradiation of the treats in the bags!

Here's a recent comment from the Waggin' Train CEO. I find this particularly interesting... "In addition to our strict handling we further sterilize every package of Waggin' Train Brand Chicken Jerky, after it has been packaged and sealed, using irradiation methods that meet USDA standards and follow the World Health Organization recommendation for sterilization of food for human consumption. While not required by law we feel this extra measure of safety, in addition to our human grade handling and processing, is essential in assuring safety for all of our beloved pets. "

I am reading some interesting technical papers about the effects of gamma irradiation on the plastic bags that these treats are in. There is some worry that cellular "cross-linking" is occurring that is not toxic to humans, but I wonder about our pets. My educated guess is, it still relates to the glycerin in the treats being irradiated, rather than an issue with the bag being irradiated. The even harder scenario is what are the risks of these two occurring at the same time in the same bag due to irradiation..?

Nothing tells this tragedy more poignantly than pet owner's posts

about loved ones who have died, on the Waggin' Train Facebook page.


Number of tainted Chinese pet treat complaints mentioned to the FDA
(Some report this # has grown to over 2,200)

Waggin’ Train – 60+
The Kingdom’s Pets – 30+
Milo’s Kitchen – 15+
Canyon Creek Ranch – 4
Dogswell – 4
Cadet Sargents – 3
Dingo’s – 2
Beefeaters – 2
American Kennel Club – 1

Source: "The Social Media Spin on Tainted Chinese Pet Treats"

Facebook pages about tainted pet treats

Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China

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